Our Church History

In honor of the late Rev. Alexander Childs (their beloved previous pastor), it was decided that henceforth, this new church on North 10th Street below Girard Ave. would be called “Childs Memorial Baptist Church”. And in 1933, the name Childs Memorial Baptist Church was formally adopted by the membership. They then followed the provisions and requirements established by the Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and were so accorded that designation on May 5, 1933. At that time the Reverend I.J. Barbee was acting Pastor.

One year later, in 1934, Reverend Lester C. Smith (1st) was brought to Childs Memorial as its first elected and installed pastor. Reverend Lester C. Smith immediately set forth the work, getting his congregation involved.

Some structural changes were also done under Rev. Smith’s aegis. The church entrance was completely altered with the construction of new front steps leading to the entry of Childs Memorial. This project was done by the hard-working hands of the men of Childs, and was financed by fundraising efforts.

Once again however, though there were over 500 in attendance for services every Sunday, the congregants were faced with financial difficulty. And once again, how these matters were to be resolved caused another rift. In 1937, Rev. Smith and part of the Childs left to form the Mount Sinai Baptist Church on 28th and Lehigh Avenue.

Distressed but undefeated, the remaining believers turned again to Mr. Baker for guidance in the absence of a pastor. Mr. Baker stayed the course until 1938, when God sent to Childs Memorial Baptist Church the Reverend H. W. Watson (2nd). During the 11 years that Childs Memorial was blessed with Reverend Watson, until he was called home in 1949, our glorious church grew in every way possible, from serving God to serving our community brothers and sisters.

Under his good guidance, Childs became a chartered corporation in 1945. Trustees Chairman Dennis Satchell, Secretary Edward Adams, Treasurer Edward Baker and trustees Malcom DeWalt, Simon Little, John Monroe, Donnie White and William Ingram were the eight men whose hands and seals witnessed the charter on July 5. It became a final decree on September 26, 1945.

After the death of Rev. Watson in 1949, a year later, June 1950, Childs and its children were truly blessed with the arrival of Reverend Raymond A. Cromwell (3rd) along with his loving and gracious wife, Willie Mae (Billie).

Throughout his career in Christ, Rev. Cromwell devoted huge amounts of efforts in a variety of Foreign Missions. With his rich experience and glad heart, with Billie standing staunchly beside him, the people of Childs knew that joyous days were ahead, and these two beloved people had been Heaven sent.