Our Church History


Immediately the Childs Memorial family started praying and seeking God’s face for His direction in finding another pastor. After a little more than one and one half years the Lord answered our prayers, and sent to us the Reverend Dale L. Crawley Sr. (6th) of the Christ Baptist Church of Burlington, NJ. on September 12, 1999. Also, at his side, came his lovely and gifted wife, Deborah Crawley (now Reverend Deborah Crawley, ordained in September, 2012) and their two children, Dale Jr. and Dominique.

From the first day at Childs Memorial, Pastor Crawley had a God-given vision for the church. His desire is to do the Lord’s will and bring glory to His Name. Pastor Crawley is an explosive preacher and exciting bible teacher, bringing new life and light to our Tuesday evening “Hour of Power” Bible Fellowship. By preaching and teaching God’s Word stressing practical life application Pastor Crawley makes the Word of God palatable that even the young can understand.

In promotion of our Christian mandate Pastor Crawley introduced the church’s new logo which emphasizes “Reaching, Teaching and Discipling”. Under the leadership of Pastor Crawley, the church’s membership has increased more than 300% to a membership presently of more than 600. On June 1, 2002 the church took a major step in our journey to new blessings by ratifying and adopting a new Church Constitution and By-Laws, which set in place the church’s new organizational and operational structure.

Also under Pastor Crawley’s leadership the church has gone through many structural additions, renovations and ministry revitalizations from building restoration and refurbishment to the additions of computer networks, multi-media equipment etc. making CMBC ready for New Millennium Ministry. Always passionate about the Lord’s business Pastor Crawley leads the church in pursuit of the “Vision & Plan” of God.

We praise the Lord for blessing and sending us such a man of God. And we give endless thanks … for a rich past, and a glorious and fulfilling future as the Lord takes us on “The Journey to New Blessings!”

“Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you,

as I said unto Moses."

Joshua 1:3